What is C.L.e.a.r?

CLEAR is a human performance ecosystem that helps leaders and their teams create and understand their Gutsy Goals, discover their biggest levers, execute with excellence in their area of responsibility, and

consistently produce desired outcomes and breakthroughs.

CLEAR is leader-lead and team-driven! 

CLARITY.  "If you can't SEE it you can't DO it"

Clarity is WHAT you going to accomplish—It’s Your Gutsy Goal aligned to your team and your Company Goals

LEVERAGE    "Find the RIGHT LEVER and MOVE it"

Leverage is HOW you going to accomplish your Gutsy Goal it’s the one thing (new behavior/activity) you will DO that will produce your Gutsy Goal.

ENGAGEMENT.  "Chose to be ALL in ALL the time" 

Engagement is the WHY behind the Gutsy Goal.  It comes from the personal commitment of everyone on the team and knowing when to engage coaches for help. 

ACCOUNTABILITY.  "Everyone COUNTS and everyone is COUNTING"

Accountability is WHEN you will accomplish the Gutsy Goal.  It's working in weekly CLEAR Meetings to make and keep commitments. 


Results come from tenaciously repeating successes and recalibrating around failures through daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly CLEAR productivity practices. 

CLEAR works because everyone counts and everyone is counting the most important actions that help us win together.

A culture of clarity and commitment is the by product of CLEAR. 


Get out of the Fog and into the C.L.E.A.R. 


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